M&M wins Pinnacle Impact Award

When Mike Brown launched M&M Productions USA in 1988, a core part of his vision focused on investing in youth and education. In 2019, the company received the Impact Award at the 15th Annual Pinnacle Business Awards Gala in Knoxville.

Hosted by the Knoxville Chamber, the business awards represent excellence in business. The Impact Award recognizes a commitment to making East Tennessee a better place to live through the development and support of a community project or program.

“This award is an honor and a validation of every volunteer hour we have invested in supporting our nonprofit groups and community in the Knoxville area, as well as student organizations across the country,” said Brown, founder, president and CEO of M&M Productions USA. “As a student and young entrepreneur, I would never have been able to start a business without the support of community leaders and businesses. I am proud that we can give back and continue to pay it forward.”

M&M Productions USA, a national company headquartered in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, provides event production services to local and national companies, with a philanthropic vision to help groups that need well-produced events to raise awareness, funds and further their missions.

The company’s employees donate time, expertise and equipment to nonprofit and educational groups. The outreach has grown and expanded in step with the company’s growth with a total philanthropic impact of more than $320,000 in 2018.

M&M Productions USA donates time and equipment to install and upgrade broadcast studios for local schools, including Sarah Moore Greene, Farragut Intermediate, Farragut Middle and Fulton High schools in Knoxville, and Tennessee High School in Bristol. The students have access to the tools needed to host working studios used for video production, news distribution and other facets of mass communications. The studios expose students to different fields that they can pursue further or turn into careers.

Employees also assist students involved in Career Technical Education (CTE) and mentor students who plan, produce and execute the CTE goes Live singing competition. The real-life experience for Knox County high school students working on CTE Goes Live is invaluable.

M&M Productions USA provides website hosting, software and equipment for radio broadcast and webcast on Market Square. The company teaches students how to produce commercials and create graphics. They also have created an innovative “co-curricular model” to roll out statewide for high schools. When local students update Mike as they progress through their education and careers, it’s all the proof he needs to keep going.

The nonprofits in East Tennessee rely on the discounted or free production services to execute their biggest events of the year, making a significant impact on their ability to garner support and raise funds.

“So many groups have shared with us that their biggest fundraiser of the year is an event or gathering,” Brown said. “When we help them find the venue, produce the event and broaden the scope along the way, that allows them to spread the word about their mission and raise funds to have a real impact on our community. I can’t think of a more natural fit for our skills than to help them do that.”

About M&M Productions USA

Based in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, M&M Productions USA is a full-service event planning and production company. The company provides turnkey solutions for full production events, breakout meeting management, audience response systems, lighting and stage design, video production, digital signage, script writing, speaker training, webcasting, virtual conferences, live broadcast services and event choreography. Customers, such as the White House Office of Communications, NCAA, Centers for Disease Control, U.S. Department of Energy and Ripley Entertainment, discover that the certified professionals at M&M Productions deliver the best experience possible for all audience members. In 2018, M&M Productions USA received the Impact Award at the 15th Annual Pinnacle Business Awards Gala hosted by the Knoxville Chamber. For more information, visit www.mmproductionsusa.com.