Success Stories: MBA Research virtual education

Educational events, such the one hosted by MBA Research, work well in a virtual format, expanding the pool of potential attendees and having all resources in one easy place.

M&M Productions USA is proud to represent great companies and nonprofit organizations across a range of specialties, including MBA Research.

The organization hosts many conferences and professional development events throughout the year, and by adding virtual components, they have found success in many areas.

With schedule and budget limitations of teachers and educators, virtual educational events allow greater participation and easier access to these types of events. Virtual events expand the attendee base as well as provide a more diverse pool of speakers who are not encumbered by travel expenses and logistics planning.

With one convenient event link, attendees can access the files, resources and links shared in the event, which vastly improves engagement and use of those materials – and those resources can be added after the event and saved for future reference, which produces additional engagement.