Success Stories: A hybrid Zoofari

The future of event production includes virtual components. Hybrid events combine traditional, in-person events with virtual experiences. The results can include improved fundraising, increased participation and gathering useful data on participants, engagement and other analytics.

Zoofari is an annual themed fundraiser for Zoo Knoxville that raises funds to support the zoo’s animal care, animal conservation and education programs. In June 2021, the “Havana Nights” event celebrating the Cuban crocodile was a successful hybrid event. Live attendees were safely dispersed in pods throughout the zoo with the central programming simulcast to both the pods and the virtual attendees. A host utilized a wireless broadcast system to interview attendees in various pods for the simulcast.

M&M Productions USA managed and produced the event utilizing their own expertise and equipment as well as existing zoo infrastructure. Both virtual and in-person attendees could engage in event features such as the live auction for an event that raised over $1 million – the highest amount ever.

In 2020, M&M Productions USA had produced Zoofari in a fully virtual format that raised an astounding $750,000.